Oct. 26th 2014

The pursuit of the perfect pancake.  That is all that matters.  I thought for a moment this morning that I had it.  I made the first flip of the flapjack, and it was a blondish golden brown.  The kitchen filled with the smell of breakfast, and a touch of vanilla.  Now it gets tricky, because on the first flip you can look for signs in the batter that will tell you it's time to flip.  Now with the pancake turned it's a matter of experience, and timing. So I wait, and wait, a little longer….now.

     I sit down in the front room with a fresh cup of coffee,  scrambed eggs, glass of water, and the potential for the perfect pancake.  The first bite is sublime, and I think I've arrived.  But as I get to the middle of the pancake it gets dry, and needs more syrup.  Damn it, maybe next time.


   As you can see by the photo above the new band "Grand Head" has started playing live.  Two Portland show, and one Longview show have went real well.  Coming back to playing loud, in night clubs, late night, is a mixed bag.  Also all that comes with trying to earn a draw, and some good gigs drives me nuts.  

   Grand Head has a debut album in the process of being pressed onto vinyl.  We await the test pressings.  Not sure if this belongs on Gorbie International or not. We'll see.


    It's all about Jon Ransom right now. As I write this he's bringing over the test pressing for his new album, and we're going to give it a good listen.  I'm real excited for Jon, and for this release. It's the first album I've recorded that will be on vinyl!  Release dates on this record are still pending.  Might just be early in the new year.


   I quit.  Just kidding.  Look for a new album and a 7 inch in the new year.